Peer Post: I feel like using the first-person point of view all

Peer Post: I feel like using the first-person point of view allows us to feel their emotions and describes the experience so that we can envision it in their shoes.  They are able to recall what was important to them during their experience and identify how those experiences made them felt.  This highlights the emotions that other people might not notice.  If I replace “he” and “she” every time they say, “I,” I feel more distant to the experience.  This makes me feel like the third person perspective would not be as effective as the first-person perspective.  Maybe, since we are the only ones to know our feelings, someone else telling someone else’s feelings seems unreliable.  When I hear these experiences from the first-person point of view, I feel as though I can hear the passion of the narrator.   In the first story, “guns” is used to represent arms. At first, I thought it might be a metaphor because guns seem unrelated to arms.  However, Ghoppe (2014) points out that “arms” can be used to mean weaponry.  This makes me think “guns” might be considered a metonymy because “guns” stand-in for the word “arms,” and they are slightly related.  I would be curious to know other opinions on whether “guns” is a metonymy for “arms.    Body size stereotypes probably do rob the international community of valuable perspectives.  If a stereotype causes people to think that person is always funny or joking, people might not take that person seriously during a serious topic.  Also, some health issues could cause body size issues.  Having insights and perspectives undermined because of body size issues ignores the whole to focus on one issue.  I feel the best way to combat this type of problem is realizing that there is a wide variety of things that add character.  Interests, hobbies, talents, career, family, health, and genetics are just some of the things that can add to a person.  Realizing that one thing cannot define a human will help us to learn from all perspectives.    I felt like I had an average body type during school, so I don’t feel like my body ever made me feel unaccepted.  I do work during off-hours when the building is closed, so there is no one to judge my body image.  I have gained weight in the past two years, however.  The only person who I feel like is judging me is myself.  I feel lucky that most of the people I know do not comment on the weight I’ve gained.      Respond meaningfully to one peer post considering the following:  1. How did their position on point of view differ from your own?  If the same, explain why using that point of view is the only way to go with the first-person narrative. 2. Discuss an experience you had with body issues (size, height, beards, tattoos, etc.) where you felt unaccepted.  3. Name the literary or poetic term your peer-selected and compare it with your own.  How are they the same or different? Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.  My post:  Every story is narrated from the first-person point of view since they all are conversing from a reliable self-reflection and description from their encounter. Established on the approaches utilized to avail the information in providing the right glassy of sentiment, it won’t look effective to listen to these stories from a third-person perspective. Through the first-person narration, listeners can get the correct level of emotions felt by the narrator and find information conveyed when talking on the advantages of the need for representation and its urgency (Nash, 2019). The initial story narrated by the young adult avail and emphasizes on her arms expressed irony as she indicated that it was part of a joke that revealed her abilities but also indicated that she had enough strength, unlike her age mates. The body’s size does not stop the community from insight since it is easy to look down and ignore someone because of their visible insecurities, comparatively to individuals who carry themselves with no insecurity but enough self-reliance. As one way of dealing with the size issue, society is required to find representation as elaborated with the video context.                  The first person in the video uses the term “saddle things” to illustrate importantly substantially but unnoticed equipment’s when riding a horse. He uses ambiguity to explain the unnoticed yet important current scenario of a sad person. The process serves the course of serving a deep-rooted meaning to a literal work. He avails an opportunity for his listeners to utilize their cognitive imagination to find meaning. The activeness of the involved individuals takes them through the process (Vannini, 2015). He continues to explain that sad individuals are quickly judged and overlooked on their body size rather than why and what is making them sad.                  Body image is a person’s perception of their body and a set of principles of acceptance of their beauty. I think body size issues are still widespread in our community. However, they less exist in the current society than they were in the past. We can see the concept of body appearance being used in different disciplines like media, medicine, and psychology. If a person does not have a certain body appearance, they cannot work or pursue a certain career. These issues still rob the broader human community of valuable insights and perspectives. In our day today’s lives, people still compare themselves according to how beautiful or handsome they are. Someone with a different body or skin complexion physic is still viewed as to be normal. A boy with strong arms and muscle plus a gang of beards sees himself strong for a girl and confident winning a lady (Stroh, 2015). In comparison, the boy with muscle feels secure, whereas someone who is confident and feels insecure can be dismissed by society. To get rid of this issue, we should start viewing everyone as human and change our mindset on how to see people. As demonstrated from the video, being healthy should be our number one priority, and also seeing people with the same body size, shape, or physic should give everyone the confidence to feel secure.                    Body image has been a big issue for me throughout my childhood. Being black and huge has seen people view me differently. First, being black was not an issue when I was growing up, but I have struggled with the size of my body. My peers used to see me as intimidating and rude to them. Whenever something went wrong at school, and I tried to lay a complaint to my teachers, they always concluded I was on the wrong side of everything. People used to see me a lazy, and I was unable to participate in the sporting events due to the stigma I was getting. I even started seeing myself as a problem as to why I could not participate in sports with fellow students (Voelker, Reel, and Greenleaf, 2015). Traveling to Europe is when the compilation of both body size and color complexion hit me hard. Due to my body size, I was always suspected to be a threat and a different person. Skin color made people see me as either a beggar, a poor person, or a thief looking to steal something from someone. Whenever people with different skin color passed close to me, they would normally hold their handbags tight, and hands in their pockets to secure their belongings. It has always been a nerve cracking experience that I do not wish anyone to go through, though there are places I get accepted as I am, giving me the confidence to manage the situation. Link to the video:

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